Trashion on the Runway: Upcycled Fashion Inspiration

bird costume
This colorful bird costume might be my favorite from all of the shows. Those sweet feathers on her arms are cut from Victoria’s secret bags, and I am in love with the layered tissue paper tutu! The whole thing is just so magical.

It looks like the feathers on her arms are pinned onto those elbow-length gloves, but you could also hand sew them on to make things a bit more sturdy. The tutu looks simple enough, as well – you’d just gather whatever paper you chose onto a ribbon or elastic waist band.

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[All photos Creative Commons via Nic’s Events.]

2 thoughts on “Trashion on the Runway: Upcycled Fashion Inspiration”

  1. RE: Making the cans safe, you could take some gaffer’s tape and put it around the cut edges.Β  It’s like ultra duct tape (which would also probably work… if you can’t duck it… well, you know the rest).

  2. Ivy Sharifpour

    For the newspaper ballarina dress, I know Simplicity patterns has a Go Green pattern for a corset that can be made from magazines.Β  Might be a good place to start.Β  I would say the skirt would have to be a second piece from the looks of it, with some type of elastic band that it is attached to.Β  Very inspiring outfit.Β  Might have to try making that one on my own.

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