Top 5 Projects from the September Green Crafts Showcase

Top 5 Projects from the September Green Crafts Showcase

Are you ready to see the features from the September Green Crafts Showcase? I know they will inspire you just like they inspired me! If you can, visit each of these sites and leave them a comment of encouragement– it’s always nice to know our work is appreciated, right?

If you missed the deadline for this month’s showcase, you can still enter the upcoming one that we’ll post next month! Click here to enter today!

1. Turn a Hardback Book into an E-Reader Case by Creative Upcycling

As a former English major, I’m totally loving this tutorial on how to upcycle an average hardback book into an e-reader case. This is such a cute and unique way to hold an e-reader– way better than the generic ones in stores! Creative Upcycling even lists different sizes and dimensions of the current e-readers and tablets! I even thought about how I could find a pocket sized book for my iPhone! To make this project even more eco-friendly, consider using second hand fabrics or organic cotton instead of conventional cotton.

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[Photo via Creative Upcycling, used with permission]

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