Tin can reuse is a popular topic here at Crafting a Green World. We’ve gone over tin can reuse, general metal reuse, and eight simple to advanced projects having to do with the reuse of tin. Well we’re not done yet!

August is National Inventors Month and in celebration of this imaginative occasion, Altoids has partnered with HowStuffWorks.com to honor creative citizens they call “Tinnovators.” These inventors have found ingenious uses for their Altoids tins once the mints are gone.

Visit the How Stuff Works Tinnovations site anytime during the month of August to see these inventions or get inspiration for your own Tinnovation.

A couple of the most creative tin reuses are the:

What are some other ways to reuse Altoids tins? Share your ideas in the comments!

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  1. Hi there, I’ve recently discovered your blog and just wanted to say I really enjoy it, lots of great ideas and tips!

    I’ve left a tag over at mine in case you’re interested in it.

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