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Various recycled tin goods I’ve become quite nostalgic as summer has been winding down and the unofficial start of fall has come and gone. Soon, shorter days and cooler nights will be upon us and the fall harvest of vegetables got me thinking about more than just bees. My thought process is always an interesting one to follow so bear with me.

We know that vegetables led me to bees, but the vegetables also got me to thinking about canning. Then the act of canning led me down the road of the cans themselves and particularly tin cans and then that naturally led me to tin can phones. Phew!

The tin can is such a sturdy and mutli-purpose recyclable. I might be dating myself but, remember playing with a tin can phone? Stretching a line between two tin cans and talking nonsense to your best friend? Well, beyond making these fun and science filled relics of my childhood, I thought I would hunt for some other ideas on what to do with your leftovers and found some great crafters that have taken the tin can and made some beautiful art.

Etsy user MariposaAvenue has created amazing lamp shades from tin food cans. I especially love the organic shapes cut into the cans that create soothing patterns on the wall when lit from within.

The lamps are a special treat in that they can be used as a lamp shade or luminary. Just remove the shade and place over a candle.

Then there is Etsy user HarrieteEstelBerman who creates a myriad of accessories from various tin cans. Using more contemporary tin packaging from AOL and Reese’s candy, HarrieteEstelBerman’s creations are part commentary on our consumerist society and part trendy fashionista must haves.

I am particularly enamored by the selection of bangles made from tins. Their interesting shapes and bright colors are quite amusing.

Recycling just might be for the birds as Etsy user Ladybugcircus shows us. Using various tins and metals, Ladybug Circus creates whimsical tin birds with cute names and a whole lot of personality. Check out Gomez who is made from a cookie tin and soda cans. He has a big name for such a sweet bird.

This is just a small sample of the beauty and creativity that can come from our trash. I know it is such a cliche but one man’s trash IS another man’s treasure. Have some of your own nostalgia to share or some trash to treasures of your own that you would like to show off? Don’t forget the next edition of Carnival of Green Crafts, entries are due September 17.

More Trash to Treasure Ideas:

[Image credit: MariposaAvenue, HarrieteEstelBerman and LadybugCirus, respectively]

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