Growing Ginger: An Update from My Container Garden

Growing Ginger: An Update from My Container Garden

Remember that little ginger plant I started over the winter? Here’s an update on how my adventures in growing ginger are going!

How to Grow Ginger

Let me start by saying, I’M OVER THE MOON! Which is appropriate because as I write this post – there’s a rare and gorgeous supermoon lunar eclipse happening right above my head. And I fully believe that “moon magic” can do all sorts of things – and that includes working some good energy into my plants.

Back in December of last year I did a post about how to grow ginger from those plain old roots you buy at the grocery store. That was nine months ago. I’ve never planted ginger that early and I was hoping I’d finally get to see it bloom. Usually, I plant in the spring and harvest in the fall. My short growing season never gave way to flowers.

Growing Ginger: Roadblocks

Before I get to my update, let me tell you all the obstacles this poor plant overcame.

First, when spring finally came, I never moved my ginger outside. Ginger loves the heat. So you’d think that when summer came, my lazy buns would find the energy to lift that pot and carry it outside. Nope. And I know that plant hated my house this summer. It was one of the hottest summers on record and I kept the AC extra low.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the plant had to endure my cat gnawing on its leaves and swatting at it’s long stems like a play toy. It was cute, but probably really annoying if you’re a ginger plant.

How to Grow Ginger

Supermoon Magic?

That brings me back to this chilly September night.

Just minutes ago, I was sitting by the window to check out the lunar eclipse, and I glanced over at my  sad ginger plant. It was completely overgrown- almost as tall as me. The stalks were so long they flopped over to one side. And there were lots of brown, shredded leaves, thanks to the cat.

I kind of huffed, as I was very disappointed in myself for practically ignoring it since I put the root into the ground. Then, to one side…I saw a tiny flat leaf that didn’t really look like a normal leaf. I got a little closer – and guess what?!?! IT’S A FLOWER!  It’s tiny, it’s green – and it’s healthy!

Please don’t think this is some twisted lesson. “Ignore your plant and it’ll still grow flowers.” NO! I’m sure if I had treated her properly, she’d have lots of flowers and not just the one.

I was literally days away from ripping everything up and harvesting the ginger. I’m so glad I didn’t.

Crafting & Growing Ginger?

So what in the heck does growing your own ginger have to do with crafting? Well, I want you to start some ginger plants right now! Find a pot, or a recycle a container  – and plant some ginger roots. They’ll sprout and be just big enough to give away for the holidays. Talk about a unique gift for neighbors and teachers!

How to Grow Ginger

I’m not expecting my ginger flower to become some ravishing beauty. I’ve read that the flowers of culinary ginger are mostly green. Some garden snobs – I mean “experts” – say the flowers are insignificant. Well, my little pride and joy is stunning, in my eyes. And that’s all that matters.

So was it the blood moon lunar eclipse that caused my ginger to produce a beautiful flower? Maybe! I hear moon magic is pretty powerful stuff.


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  1. Brenda Mahoney

    Thank you for taking the time to write about growing ginger. It was a pleasant read and I enjoyed the photos, too.

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