Stuff It with Nature-Fil Bamboo and Corn Batting and Fiberfills

Fairfield, the makes of Poly-fil have gone green adding a whole new line of eco-friendly products to help green your fiber arts and crafts.

You can now quilt green, stuffyour little critters in an eco-friendly way and have bamboo pillows.

Nature-Fil batting, fiberfill and pillow forms now come in bamboo options and natural fiberfill is made out of both bamboo and PLA corn materials.

Nature-Fil corn products are made with fiber from poly lactic acid which is derivedfrom natural corn sugars. The Nature-Fil fiberfill is hypoallergenic, resilient and washable.

Nature-Fil Bamboo batting is made with 50% bamboo and 50% organic cotton fiber and is perfect for the quilter looking for a natural, eco-friendly batting.

Bamboo pillow forms are 100% bamboo fiber filled and have a cotton jacquard cover.

Nature-Fil bamboo fiberfill is 100% bamboo perfect for you eco-craft projects.

I haven’t been craft shopping in awhile so I wonder if Michaels or JoAnn’s will have Fairfield’s new Nature-Fil line. I hope so because I have a few pillow projects I’ve been wanting to do plus I still need to make a cushion for my daughter’s window seat. I would love to get filler in an eco-option.

I think I’ll head there this weekend and check to see if I can find some Nature-Fil. Soon it will be time to start holiday crafting so I need to stock up on all my supplies.

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  4. Wonderful news… except.. I understand that the processing of bamboo into a rayon-like fiber takes huge amount of energy and chemical adaptations that in reality make this not such a “green” fiber. Am I wrong?

  5. JoAnn’s does have the bamboo fiberfill/pillow forms– I used the fiberfill for a plushie project I did back in January (soooooo soft, it was a pleasure to work with), and when they had them on sale, I stocked up on some of the pillow forms to use in an upcoming bedroom redecorating project I’m doing.

  6. I’m not sure about the process but the bamboo is a safe and natural product that won’t offgas like polyester and no synthetics or petroleum products are in the fiber so all of that is a plus.

    There are pros and cons for everything.

  7. Well, try to find it and stock up on it and other crafty-jewelry-fabricy stuff for the holidays–bamboo beads, cloth and stuffing!

  8. We have a lot of quilters who are substituting non-organic fabrics with more eco-friendly materials in order to keep up with the demands of Mother Earth and her inhabitants. We carry bamboo fabric that would go great with the bamboo filler mentioned in your artical. Thanks for the info. I will make sure to spread the word!

  9. i have heard about corn fibre batting for quilts and am wanting to know where i can get some to be able to try it.

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