SpruceHome Gives Vintage a New Life (and a giveaway!)

Chair by SpruceHome

In the age of IKEA, it’s so cheap and easy to purchase brand new furniture and housewares. Heck, if it breaks, you can just replace it with another particle board kit fresh out of the box, right?

There’s an old saying though that “cheap is expensive.” Sure, it costs less up front to get something that’s going to only last for a year or two. But when you add in the expense of replacing these things over and over, coupled with the toll it takes on our planet’s natural resources, these objects’ true price comes through.

With this transition to a throw-away culture, we’re not only creating mountains of waste, we’re losing the ideal of quality- of creating things that are meant to last. Folks like Amanda and Lizzie of SpruceHome are looking to change all of that, one salvaged chair at a time.

The fine folks over at Etsy were kind enough to share this awesome video with us, showing SpruceHome’s process.


I just love how a fresh coat of paint and some updated fabric takes something that was “headed for the dump” and gives it a brand new life. It’s also great to get a peek at some of the more complex parts of their process, like replacing the springs in the chair’s seat.

They associate such a sense of history with upholstering. These ladies are really helping to keep something alive that’s becoming a lost art. I think it’s something a lot of crafters share- using processes with traditional roots to create things that are often far from traditional.

When they’re not recovering furniture, the ladies of SpruceHome make lovely housewares, and they’re actually doing a giveaway over on Etsy for one of their Willie Nelson pillows! Head on over to Etsy for more details about SpruceHome and on how to enter the giveaway. Hurry, they’re announcing the winner on Wednesday!

[Image Credit: Chair photo via SpruceHome on Etsy.]

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