Spotted: Sew a Child’s Sleeping Bag + 8 More Summer Camp Crafts

Child's Sleeping Bag, and other Summer Camp Crafts

Try these nine camp crafts to get your kid ready for summer camp in DIY style.

Sew a Child's Sleeping Bag + 8 More Summer Camp Crafts

Too soon to think about summer camp, you say?

I totally agree, except that it’s not.

You’re already going to be packing and lecturing and buying new stuff the entire month before summer sleep-away camp starts, and any cute ideas that you have for camp crafts for your kid to bring are going to go right out the window if you haven’t already made them.

So you might as well make them now!

My sleep-away camp crafts got their jump-start when I spotted this tutorial for sewing a child’s sleeping bag from Crazy Little Projects. It’s perfect to make for kids who might do best with organic, natural fabrics–is it even possible to buy an organic, all-cotton sleeping bag? It’s perfect to make for kids who are super into something special–I know you can buy a child’s My Little Pony sleeping bag, but your handmade one is going to be of WAY better quality. And it’s perfect for kids who might be fussy sleepers–I know that mine will sleep better in their platform tents in June if their sleeping bags are nice and lightweight and don’t make them feel sweaty and sticky.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of getting some summer camp crafts done, and your kid is happy at the thought of having some handmade stuff at camp (some aren’t, but my ten-year-old wore home-sewn Dr. Seuss pajamas at sleep-away camp last year, and was proud of them), then now is the time! Here are a few other projects that would work especially well at summer camp.

8 More Summer Camp Crafts

1. bandana quilt. If you know it’s going to be hot at camp, then your kid will probably just want something lightweight to cover her up. This bandana quilt is just the thing–and your kid can help you sew it!

Sew a Child's Sleeping Bag + 8 More Summer Camp Crafts2. drawstring backpack. It’s exactly right for a shower bag or a swim bag, and easy for a kid to haul as she hikes to the shower house or the lake. Use freezer paper stenciling to customize it to your child’s liking.

3. liquid soap. If your kid prefers body wash to bar soap, you can still make it yourself, and it’ll still be all-natural.

4. pajamas. My kids LOVE pajamas sewn from vintage sheets. The material is light-weight and comfortable, and they get a kick out of the old-school patterns on children’s sheets.

5. pillow pal. It’s a pillow AND a stuffie, so it’s double packing power!

6. quilt. You don’t want your kid to bring a quilt that you’ve spent loads of time on and put a lot of love into, but if you’ve got something non-fussy to send, like a T-shirt quilt, then the odds are good that it’ll survive, and the occasional unidentifiable stain isn’t too difficult to get out of T-shirt fabric.

7. soap scrubbie. Your kid’s soap and washcloth will be much easier to handle like this.

8. water bottle holder. You want your kids to bring their water bottles everywhere they go; it’s easier if that water bottle is attached to the body.

[child’s sleeping bag image via Crazy Little Projects]

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