Spotted: Biodegradable Plant Pots from Coffee Grounds

Biodegradable Plant Pots

You know coffee grounds are useful in the garden, but I bet you haven’t potted a plant in them! Save those coffee grounds to make a biodegradable plant pot.

Over at Instructables there’s an awesome tutorial for turning used coffee grounds into a biodegradable plant pot. If you’ve ever had to dispose of a cracked terra cotta pot, you know that pots don’t last forever. When these biodegradable pots eventually crack you can just bury them in the garden or even toss them into your compost heap. Boom!

The pots use a store-bought biodegradable pot as the base, then cover them in a coffee-flour “clay” that turns a short-term-use garden product into something that lasts through at least the whole growing season.

Here’s what you need to make your own biodegradable plant pots:

  • flour
  • spent coffee grounds
  • water
  • biodegradable plant pot
  • container for mixing

Ready to make your own? Click here for the tutorial!

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