Spotted: Beer Can “Ornaments” in Hawaii (+ 10 soda can ornament ideas!)

soda can ornaments

A friend of mine in Hawaii sent me a photo of these DIY beer can “ornaments,” and they were too hilarious not to share with you guys!

Obviously, these are meant to be a joke decoration, but there are lots of fun ornaments that you actually can make from empty soda cans!

Metal recycling is pretty efficient as recycling goes, but reusing old cans instead of sending them to the landfill or recycle center is even better. When you use your crafty skills to make waste usable again, you’re doing double duty: diverting trash from the waste stream and substituting something repurposed for a craft supply (in this case, sheets of aluminum) that you would otherwise be buying new. Wins all around!

You’re probably not going to hang empty cans of Bud from your hedges, but if you want to turn those empty beer and soda cans into cute, DIY ornaments, we have some great ideas for you, including some videos!

Click here for the projects list!

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