10 Crafty Ways to Upcycle a Soda Can

soda can crafts

On Wednesday, I shared a question about a pop can craft, so of course I’ve had soda cans on the brain all week. Want to get your soda can craft on? These are some of the coolest soda can crafts I’ve run across!

Metal recycling is actually pretty efficient, unlike recycling something like plastic, but it still takes energy to turn those empty soda and beer cans into something else. When you’re cutting up those soda cans, you can toss any scraps you’re not using into the recycle bin, so they can get melted down and turned into new metal products.

I know that not everyone is as clumsy as I am, but there is one more thing that my inner mom feels obliged to mention here: metal is sharp. When you cut into a soda can, you’re exposing sharp edges, so please be careful! As someone who slices her hand open just thinking about working with sharp metal, I felt obliged to mention that you should be careful when you’re cutting into those empty cans!

Do you have some cans together, and you’re ready to get crafty? Click here for the tutorials!

Image Credit: Soda Can Crafts image via Shutterstock

Written by Becky Striepe

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