Simple, Stylish Fabric Bags from Lucky Crow

Looking at these lovely fabric gift bag samples from Lucky Crow makes me wonder why everyone doesn’t use such crafty, beautiful and reusable bags during the holidays.

Sure some people really need that wrapping paper rip to feel like they are opening a gift but these bags are so beautiful they areΒ a gift themselves.

Even though I can’t sew I have a love affair with fabric. Of course I have a love affair with paper, too. I think I just like pretty textured things. It is the artist in me.

Anyway I am amazed that everyone doesn’t make their own fabric bags. I bet there are a lot of non-sewers out there like me, who keep companies like Lucky Crow in business.

Their bags are beautiful, yet so simple. And that is the elegance in it. Simple, beautiful, reusable. Eco. Lovely.

Lucky Crow offers solid color bags, fun prints, even collections made from organic fabric. You are sure to find inspiration and the perfect gift bag to wrap it green at Lucky Crow.

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