Sharing is Green: Let’s Share and Swap!

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Did you know that Crafting a Green World has a classifieds section devoted to sharing and swapping craft supplies?

There’s something inspiring about getting your hands on a fresh batch of new-to-you craft supplies, isn’t there? Even when we’re talking about supplies that are just replenishing your stash – a bundle of vintage fabric, maybe, or a bag of shiny new buttons – getting rid of old supplies that are cluttering your crafting space and replacing them with new ones can really get the ol’ creative gears turning!

The trouble with cleaning out your stash and getting new supplies is that there’s not always a great place to donate your old stuff or find second-hand or ethical new supplies, is there?

That’s where the Share and Swap comes in! We launched the Share and Swap earlier this year, and I have to admit that we’ve been a little bit terrible about promoting it. Yet there are some really great supplies there already, and adding supplies that you’d like to swap, share, or find is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Share and Swap Craft Supplies

You can list items that you’d like to give away, supplies you’re looking for, or post to our swap area, if you’re looking to do a trade. Check out some of the cool listings that are up now:

Ready to get in on the share and swap action? Click here to start sharing today!

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