Sewing: 8 Eco-Friendly Fabric Companies for Your Sewing Projects

Choosing Organic Fabrics for Your Next Sewing Project

Got a sewing project in the works? Choosing a sustainable fabric has never been easier and more fun!

Even a few years ago it was much tougher to find fabrics for sewing projects that weren’t just good for the planet but cute, hip, and modern. Every year there are more sustainable fabric companies or conventional companies adding organic lines to their collections.

Finding the right sustainable fabric for your next sewing project now is easy as pie! Check out these beautiful options.

1. Birch Fabrics

These guys are one of my favorites. I used their Circa 50 fabrics to create the baby blanket and a crib sheet for my son’s space-themed nursery. Their retro organic cotton designs are beautiful and have held up well to heavy use around my house.

2. Cloud9

This company has a beautiful collection of organic cotton fabrics in mod designs for grownup decor and cutesy prints for kids. I love the way that they showcase their fabric designers!

3. Home Sweet

Jennifer Nelson of Home Sweet is one of my favorite sustainable fabric designers. She block prints all of her organic cotton and organic cotton/hemp blends by hand, and they are just gorgeous! What I love about Jennifer is that she’s also happy to teach, and she now offers kits, so that you can block print your own sustainable fabric!

4. Noonday Textiles

Jay is another one of my favorites, and when I was running my crafty business, I used her fabrics in my sewing projects all the time. She hand-dyes organic hemp in both solids and beautiful tie dyes. She was also always happy to create custom yardage for me in exactly the weight and color that I needed.

5. Spoonflower

Not all of Spoonflower’s fabric is organic, but they have quite a few organic options now. They are a fabric printing service, so you can not only have the organic fabric that your heart craves, but you can design it to match the color scheme and the feel of your project exactly.

6. Monaluna

Monaluna is a new-to-me fabric company with a fresh, modern feel. I am especially drawn to this super sweet peackock fabric. How cute is that??

7. Greenstyle by Robert Kaufman

I love seeing conventional fabric companies offering organic fabrics, because it puts sustainable options in front of consumers that maybe weren’t looking for organic but would choose an organic fabric if it fit the project they’re working on.

8. SpinSpin

Australian fabric company SpinSpin screenprints beautiful designs onto organic cotton and organic cotton and hemp blends. I am a long-time fan of these fabrics!

This list is just a starting point – there are so many sustainable fabric options out there! Do you have a favorite company that you turn to when you’re looking to complete a sewing project? Tell us your favorite eco-fabric company in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Sewing: 8 Eco-Friendly Fabric Companies for Your Sewing Projects”

  1. The most eco friendly fabrics are bought at thrift stores, garage sales or people giving you old fabric. Those are the fabrics that need to be used first then buy new eco friendly fabric.

  2. Becky- Thanks for the feature, and for mentioning the new kits!!

    (Incidentally, I lucked into a stash of vintage fabrics that was about to be donated, and I’m all excited about ideas on how to use them in my projects…)

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