Robot Lamps Made from Recycled Materials

industrial recycled robotFrench artist Brauer creates works of art that will light up your life or at least your living space. Using old metal pieces, mechanics, and forgottenΒ items, Brauer transforms old pices of junk into fun and functional art.

The robots are fantastic. Most have a very industrial feel but some could pass for whimsical and even steampunk inspired decor. I think what I love most about the lamps they’re both sculptural and functional.

I also love Brauer’s personal statement:

In our modern world, where objects often have a single life, I aim at inventing a new existence for them by diverting them from their initial function.

I particularly like the robust appearance of used steel and industrial materials. When I put them together, they start a new life as unique pieces of art, in which each component can tell its own story.

You can learn more about Brauer but you’ll need to be able to read some French. And if not, can at least enjoy the photos. You can also connect with Brauer on Facebook

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