Review of Creating Floral Centerpieces

floral centerpiecesIf you’re looking for new inspiration for your floral designs then check out Creating Floral Centerpieces by Bill Murphy, AIFD.

These delightful flower arrangements are not your grandma’s old fashioned creations. Murphy has breathed new life into tired floral centerpieces by adding wire, beads, and other unusual accessories to create stunning centerpieces that will surely be the focal point of your room or celebration.

While the season for fresh flowers in most areas is over, the holidays are coming and many love to have beautiful centerpieces for parties or a focal point on the holiday table. You can always get fresh flowers from shops or local your greenhouse. Just be sure to look for organic if possible.

I think one of my favorite designs is the Romantic Welcome on page 60. It is perfect for Sweetest Day coming up (in some parts of the U.S., I don’t think all areas celebrate it).

If you’re planning holiday gatherings and need appropriate decor, check out the Holiday Bling centerpiece on page 67. It is simple, elegant and stylish, and completely captures the spirit of the season.

Another simple holiday setting is featured on page 98. This one is more for a rustic country setting with the simple fresh pine, small pinecones and a flannel napkin.

The book showcases many designs that can easily be changed a little to transform it into a holiday piece or a design for any occasion.

If flowers are your thing Creating Floral Centerpieces is a book to check out.

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