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“Artists and crafters have always been recyclers, but for many, it has not only become a thrifty choice, it has become a moral imperative. 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse contains a cutting edge collection of the most inventive work being made with re-used, upcycled, and already existing materials. The work in this book ranges from clever and humble personal accessories to unique and important large-scale works of art, including paper art, fashion, jewelry, housewares, interiors, and installations.”


If you’re looking for ideas or wondering what artists are doing with garbage and crafty recycled, upcycled, and reused materials than this book is for you. 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse: Remake, Restyle, Recycle, Renew (1000 Series, Quarry Books  1, 2009) is full of stylish art, crafty ideas, and outlandish designs made from everyday materials that were discarded.

Personally I would love to see more crafty ideas that are practical and useful though I love art for arts sake as well, especially when materials are reused and recycled. But for practicalities sake who is going to walk around in a paper or tin foil dress? Seriously? No one. But the ideas are fun and keep things out of the landfill so I applaud all the artists for their effort and their creativity.

I recommend glancing through this book to give your own creativity a super charged green boost.

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  5. Re-useing and recycleing is not only green, but will help your bottom line as an artist. I always try to reuse odd pieces of mat board, or paint over and reuse damaged boards for the next piece of artwork.

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