Recycled Fashion: 5 DIY Accessories

Head band
Store bought accessories are no fun! Mass produced pieces are bad for the planet and lack the personality of something you made yourself. Instead of hitting the big box store for your accessory needs, why not hit your crafty stashΒ  for some recycled fashion fun instead? Here are some ways to accessorize and show off your crafty skills at the same time.

1. Ruffled Headband

Kilduff Kolleen showed us how to turn scrap fabric and vintage buttons into a cute, ruffled headband. If you don’t have a full quarter yard of fabric in your stash, you can always quilt together smaller pieces to create one. The mix of patterns and color will make this unique hairpiece pop!

2. T-Shirt Necklace

A bold, upcycled t-shirt necklace is a perfect statement piece to add a bit of color and pizazz to your outfit. This project is also a great way to give a beloved t-shirt a new life.

3. Belt Bracelet

Use an old belt or one you score at a thrift store and turn it into a chunky statement bracelet.

4. Burlap Rose Brooch

You know we love burlap around here! To make these sweet little roses into a brooch, just sew or glue a pin back right on. You can also attach a bobby pin, if you’d prefer a burlap flower in your hair.

fabric scrap belt

5. Fabric Scrap Belt

Even tiny fabric scraps are useful, when we’re talking accessory-making. Happy Serendipity shows us how to turn those little scraps into a cheery new fabric scrap belt.

I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to eco-accessory making. What cute, recycled accessories have you guys been working on?

[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Happy Serendipity]

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