Organic Cotton Prints from Daisy Janie

Urbana Collection in AvalonThe only major player in printed organic cotton sateen used to be Harmony Art, but now there is a new kid in the game.  I first adored Daisy Janie fabrics when I featured her linen/cotton blend fabrics in the Top 10 Modern, Eco-friendly, Printed Fabrics on Etsy.  She has just released a new collection of printed organic cotton sateen.The Urbana Collection by Jan DiCintio is professionally printed in the USA on GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton sateen.  There are 5 prints, each available in three colorways.  Each colorway, Avalon, Metro, and Parkside, are designed to coordinate together for easy mixing and matching.

The new prints would be lovely for so many applications, but the first thing that comes to my mind is luxurious bedding.  I am eyeing Boxwood in Metro for a duvet cover.  As always Daisy Janie allows you to use the fabrics however you like for your own personal or commercial use.

Designer Jan DiCintio

Jan explains her design process:

My original designs represent a mix of favorites: bold colors, abstract layers and dramatic geometrics…all blended and balanced to create fresh & dynamic patterns. Years of experimentation as a painter led to my self-dubbed “fusion” style—combining a little of everything I liked to create a certain energized but harmonious look. My designs work because I thrive on symmetry.

To learn more about Jan’s design process and inspirations head over to the Daisy Janie Blog.

[Images by Jan DiCintio for Daisy Janie]

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