Reader Tip: T-Shirt as Art

creative reuse - framed t-shirt

You know we love a good t-shirt reuse project around here, so I was pleased as punch when reader Nancy Sharp was kind enough to share her idea for reusing a sentimental t-shirt that was past its prime:

I had a favorite T-Shirt that got worn out. Β I cut out the front and will frame it Β as a picture. It had a logo from a Traditional Irish Music Shop in Ennis, Ireland.

Nancy was kind enough to share a photo of the shirt all framed up! Very cool. How have you guys repurposed your old t-shirts when they’re not wearable anymore?

Do you have any fun reuse projects in the works? Show them off! You can drop us a line via the site’s contact page.

[Photo by Nancy Sharp, used with permission.]

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