New Online Natural Marketplace Seeking Vendors

Abe’s Market, a new online natural marketplace, is about to launch and is looking for the latest and greatest natural products to create the best array of products for the site.

Abe’s will offer a comprehensive selection of all natural products, with the best and latest in health, beauty, food, home and consumer goods with the ease and convenience of the most modern e-commerce services. The site aims to be a place for customers to find their favorite natural brands as well as a place to discover some of the newest and unique undiscovered lines, as well as “meet” the creators of the brands and gain knowledge about the ingredients, processes and stories behind these products.

In addition to being the source for purchasing all-natural goods, Abe’s Market will be the place and opportunity for up and coming producers of natural products to feature, market, and grow their brands. Abe’s will continually seek out new brands and welcome new sellers to the site. Additionally, the Abe’s Market management team led by co-founders Richard Demb and Jon Polin, who have their professional experience in both natural businesses and the retail environment, will help these newer brands gain exposure with natural retailers to establish distribution.

To be considered as a seller and be one of Abe’s Market First 50 your line must be:

– Proud to be made of natural ingredients
– Can be classified under the initial categories of Personal Care, Home, Food and Beverage or Baby
– Cool, unique, fun, exciting, compelling
– Itching to share your story with your customers – how you started, what inspires you, most challenging part of your business – Abe’s is eager to help companies share their story
– Company can drop ship
– Products have a suggested retail of at least $12, could be a bundle of products

Abe’s Market values what people put both on and in their bodies, as well as what they put in their homes. And they care about the impact products have on our environment so packaging matters too — it should be minimal and made from recycled and recyclable materials. To be eligible for sale on the site, products must adhere to their natural product criteria.

Because there are several reputable associations that have clear natural criteria and offer product certifications in the natural space, Abe’s doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel and use existent natural product definitions.

And speaking of certifications, Abe’s knows that buyers prefer certified natural products. While they recommend that sellers get their products certified, they do not mandate it. And they recommend only select certifications at this time, which are:

The Natural Product Association
The Organic Trade Association
Green Seal

Based on existent, respected definitions, the Abe’s Market criteria for natural products are as follows:

Personal Care
One general rule: If a 12-year-old can’t pronounce something, assume it to be an unacceptable ingredient. More specifically:

    • – No parabens.


    • – No sulfates.


    • – No products that have been tested on animals.


    • – Products should be made with plant-based, natural and naturally-derived ingredients, fruit extracts and essential oils.


    – And because most personal care products end up down the drain, only mild, gentle preservatives should be used to minimize adverse impact on the environment.

Baby Products

    • – No bisphenol-A (BPA).


    • – Diapers and wipes should be biodegradable.


    – Apparel and bedding should be from natural materials.

Household Products

    • – No toxins.


    • – No pollutants.


    • – Safe for humans.


    • – Low environmental impact.


    – As relevant, reusable and made from recycled materials.

Food and Drink
Again, the general rule: If a 12-year-old can’t pronounce something, assume it to be an unacceptable ingredient. And some specifics:

    • – Nothing artificial. (No artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives.)


    • – No hydrogenated fats.


    – Non or minimally processed.

For more information or to be considered for inclusion in this new online marketplace email Abe’s at feedback [at] or fill out the online form on the placeholder website.

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  3. Hey Kelly – thanks for writing about Abe’s. We’re really excited for our upcoming launch. Stay tuned for more information via our website, or follow us on twitter at @AbesMarket!


  4. Hey Vladimir – thanks for posting about Abe’s Market. We’re really excited to get some great sellers of natural products for our site. Check out for some more information, or follow us on twitter @AbesMarket for the latest updates.

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