Made Buy Hand: Who Won Some Candy?

Make Your own Chocolate Kit from Glee Gum (1 of 1)

Was it just luck?

Or, does the winner of the Make Your own Candy kit from Glee Gum just somehow love candy more than the rest of us?

To recap: Glee Gum is giving away the winner’s choice of any of their Make Your own Candy kits (check out my reviews of the Make Your own Gum kit, the Make Your own Gummies kit, and the Make Your own Chocolate kit). Glee Gum’s candy kits are educational (we’ve learned about geography, global economy, and chemistry while playing with them), eco-friendly, and artificial preservative- and colorant-free. AND they give you something yummy to eat at the end!

In other words, they’re a pretty darned good activity for kids. And one of you is getting one for free.

The winning number for this Make Your own Candy Kit giveaway (thanks to the random number machine at is–

Glee Gum random number winner

 –which means that our lucky winner is:

Glee Gum Giveaway winner

Congratulations, Carmen! Check your email (you wouldn’t send me to your spam box, would you?) for a message from me to get your addy and your choice of kit!

If you still super want a Make Your own Candy kit or some natural chewing gum, but you didn’t win the giveaway (Boo!!!), you can use the discount code GLEE15F for 15% off your order from Glee Gum.

Interested in learning more about natural, eco-friendly foods and sustainable food issues? Check out Crafting a Green World’s sister site, Eat Drink Better. They’ve got recipes!

Interested in learning more about making your own candy without a kit? Here’s a list of some yummy treats that you can make all by your ownself!

Okay, that’s all the writing about sweets that I can handle. It’s noon on a Sunday, so I’m off to see if I can add Bailey’s to snow ice cream!

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