Review: The Make Your Own Gummies Kit from Glee Gum (Spoiler Alert: It’s Vegan!), and a Giveaway

Gummies made from the Make Your Own Gummies Kit by Glee Gum

It’s a hard life, to be the children of a craft blogger. Why, just the other day, I had to say to my little girls, “Okay, kiddos, Momma needs to write a review and run a giveaway next week, so I’m sorry to tell you that we’re going to have to make gummy candy together today.”

Poor babies, right? I know it’s a spoiler alert, since I want you to read my entire review, but I have to tell you that my girls and I LOVED this Make Your Own Gummies Kit from Glee Gum. It’s easy enough for the kids to do with adult supervision, it incorporates lessons in science and geography, it’s eco-friendly and encourages a sustainable global marketplace, and–something that you will appreciate if you don’t choose to eat gelatin that is processed from animal bones–it’s vegan.

But I know what you’re really wondering: Did I manage to give myself second-degree burns by pouring boiling sugar syrup all over my foot like I did with the Make Your Own Gum kit? Well, I guess I should leave some surprises for my actual review…

stirring the carageenan and sugar solutionJust like that Make Your Own Gum kit, which contains sapodilla sustainably harvested from the rainforest by its native residents, the Make Your Own Gummies kit is special because it contains the gelling agent carageenan in seaweed form. Carageenan-containing seaweed is sustainably farmed by former fisherman in coastal regions of Asia, as an alternative to the previous over-fishing that has decimated many fish populations.

And indeed, along with an extra powder of agar agar, locust bean gum, and some more carageenan, my girls and I did find in our kit a genuine piece of seaweed, which we boiled to extract its carageenan to add to our gelled mixture.

We heated, stirred, added plenty of sugar, heated again (notice the giant glass bowl that we’re using–no more second-degree burns for me!), dug out our own little molds from the bed of corn starch that came with the kit, and the girls carefully dropped little plops of the mixture into their molds to chill into candy.

Another nice thing about the gummy mix is that you can reheat it to re-liquify it–this was especially useful since as soon as our first test batch was ready to refrigerate it was time for the girls to throw on leotards and race off to gymnastics, then as soon as we got home it was time to get dinner ready, then it was time to clean up after dinner, and THEN it was time to reheat the gummy mix and pour out a few more batches of candy.

Even with the extra sugar-sour mix that you coat your finished gummies with, you’ll notice that they’re not nearly as sweet as store-bought candy (which is a bonus in my book, since you don’t even need to get me started about hyper-sweetened foods that ruin a person’sΒ palateΒ for naturally sweet food). But the way that my girls devoured their finished gummy candy, you could tell that these gummies, that they made with their own hands, from ingredients that they understood…

These gummies were perfect.

Check back tomorrow–March 20th–when Glee Gum is giving away one Make Your Own Gummies kit to one lucky winner in the continental United States.

I received my Make Your Own Gummies kit for free from Glee Gum so that my kiddos and I could play with it and review it and host a giveaway for it.

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