The Best Snow Ice Cream You’ve Ever Tasted: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes

How to Make Snow Ice Cream that Tastes Awesome

Snow ice cream is a quick, simple, and delicious winter treat. Check out these tips, tricks, and recipes, then make the best snow ice cream you’ve ever had!

The Best Snow Ice Cream You've Ever Tasted: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes

My little girls’ greatest pleasure on a snowy day is to run outside without coat or mittens, fill a bowl with fresh, clean snow, and then run back inside to help make a bowl of the best snow ice cream ever. Sometimes our snow ice crean is simple, just powdered sugar stirred into snow. Sometimes it’s very elaborate, with pudding mix, vanilla, and heavy cream.

The one thing that is guaranteed to never change? It’s ALWAYS delicious.

So whether you’re faced with the only snow that you’ll probably get this winter, or the thousandth snowstorm with a thousand more waiting for you before spring appears, you’ll find that one of these recipes for snow ice cream is going to be just the recipe for you. So be sure to write it down, because one day your kiddos will want to make snow ice cream for their own kiddos, and they’ll want to make it just the way that you always did.

Read on for the recipes!

Traditional Snow Ice Cream Recipe

Classic Snow Ice Cream Recipe

If you made snow ice cream as a kid, then this is probably how you made it. This classic snow ice cream recipe, courtesy of My Crazy Adoption, includes all the traditional ingredients: sugar, vanilla, cream and of course, snow! As a bonus for you visual learners out there, be sure to check out the how-to video that shows how to whip together a batch of snow ice cream right before your eyes.

[Image credit:  My Crazy Adoption]

Coffee Creamer Snow Ice Cream

Coffee Creamer Snow Ice Cream

Okay, you may not have heavy whipping cream or condensed milk in your house, but surely you have coffee creamer! This coffee creamer snow ice cream recipe from Almost Unschoolers skips even the sugar in favor of just adding flavored coffee creamer. Simple and yummy!

[Image credit: Almost Unschoolers]

Snow Ice Cream by the Gallon!

How to Make Snow Ice Cream

Most snow ice cream recipes make snow ice cream by the bowl, but what if you want to make snow ice cream for a crowd? This gallon of snow ice cream recipe from LarkSong Knits, while using traditional ingredients, starts with an entire gallon of snow, enough snow to make snow ice cream for an entire children’s party, or for the whole family to enjoy after dinner.

[Image credit: LarkSong Knits]

Snow Ice Cream Science Experiment!

Snow Ice Cream Science Experiment!

Okay, so let’s say that you want to make snow ice cream, but you also live with someone very small and very clever, and that person is all, “How does ice cream work?”

This Ziplock bag ice cream recipe from Steve Spangler Science uses the snow as the freezing agent, not the main ingredient, so not only can you use the snow to make REAL ice cream, but you can also read a scientific explanation for every step in the process. Just in case, you know, you were curious.

Snow Ice Cream Tips & Tricks

How to Make Snow Ice Cream: Tips & Tricks

Now you have plenty of recipes to choose from, and so here are a few more tips and tricks to send you happily on your way:

1. For the cleanest snow, set out your ice cream bowls during the snowstorm–future ice cream will waft gently into your bowl, and give you the best consistency.

2. If you scoop your snow out of a previous snowfall, scoop only the top layer, and give the young people in your life detailed instructions–my little girls have scooped up snow for ice cream that has gravel, dirt, and road salt in it!

3. If you live in an urban area and worry about pollution, I wouldn’t make snow ice cream a daily dessert, but it’s worth the experience to have it a couple of times a winter.

4. You can make snow ice cream while on your nature walk–just bring along your pre-measured ingredients, and make sure that they stay cold in your pack.

5. Most importantly: don’t eat yellow snow.

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