Lost Found Art is Looking for Vintage Collections

Do you create and assemble vintage or antique collections that are unusual and artful? If so then meet Lost Found Art: a unique design company that specializes in sculptural installations and assemblages using antique and vintage pieces. LFA may just be interested in acquiring those odd collections (you’ve been thinking of selling) for their unique contemporary art sculptures.

Their artistic collections are created with “an eye to scale, balance, color and surface interest, and the end result is a strong visual statement that combines artistic statement, whimsy, form and uniqueness. We can customize to fit any space, dΓ©cor, or point of view. Subtle or outrageous, free standing or wall mounted, our collections become the focal point of any room in your home or business.” Wow, what a way to upcycle old objects into art pieces.

Shown above are the following Lost Found Art collections (all priced upon request) ~

  1. Old Vintage Paint Brush Display:A custom display of 21 antique and vintage well used paint brushes. Rusted, worn and many covered in paint.” In single file.
  2. 10 antique wire and wire/wood clothing hangers circa 1890-1930. They offer additional hangers available for larger displays.
  3. A collection of antique cast iron decorative building stars that’s attached to end of long tie rods that ran the length of 19th century brick buildings to add additional support. Stars sold as a collection or individually custom mounted.
  4. Antique And Vintage Abacus-17 antique and vintage (late 19th to mid 20th century) abacus.

A note from the LFA Studio:

“In addition to installations of multiple objects, Lost Found Art offers rare and unusual individual pieces that are strong enough to be displayed on their own.
We are always interested in buying collections of antiques regardless of their size.”

Please call or email with any specific interests you may have.
PHONE: 203β€’595β€’0585 ∞ EMAIL: INFO (at) LOSTFOUNDART (dot) COM

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