Three Dozen Free Knit Hat Patterns

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Knitting season is upon us! I can tell, because as I sit here at my writing desk, I’m wearing wool socks, sweatpants, and a fleece hoodie with a giant unicorn head for a hood (it’s for sure my best thrift shop score EVER!), and I’m still freezing. When I go outside later, I will absolutely pull a knit hat on under my giant unicorn head, because in the fall and winter, you can never have too many knit hats.

A knit hat is a great knitting project, whether you’re a beginning knitter or a seasoned professional because there is a knit hat pattern to suit everybody. Don’t have a ton of time? Use chunky yarn! Have ages and ages to knit in? Allow yourself to make the most beautiful, elaborately detailed hat ever! Want to use up a bunch of scraps? Make the most colorful hat on the planet! Knitting for the pickiest person you’ve ever met? There’s a yarn color and weight and fiber for everyone!

So whatever type of project you’re looking for, check out the list below of my favorite FREE knit hat patterns online. You’re going to find something that you’ll love!

1. Classic knit hat Think of a knit hat. Got it? Okay, you’re thinking of this very hat! It’s a classic for a reason, simple in looks, easy to make, and lovely in any color.

2. Easy pom-pom hat on Ravelr If you love knitting (or you’re just learning to love it!), then you need to sign up for a Ravelry account. You’ll find loads of knitting projects and advice on Ravelry, and plenty of well-vetted patterns that are absolutely free–like this one!

3. Easy knit toque Here’s a simple pom-pom hat that’s knit with chunky yarn so it’s quick to make and comfy to wear.

4. Anthropologie-inspired knit hat I have absolutely no problem with seeing something that I like in a store and then heading straight home to DIY it. Here’s a great DIY version of an expensive store-bought knit hat.

5. Stripey knit slouchy beanie This is a cute style that will also stand up to lots of wear and tear and activity.

6. Beanie with a pom-pom This knit beanie is very similar to the one just above, but this one has a POM-POM!!!

7. Despicable Me Edith hat Have a kiddo who loves Despicable Me and would love to dress just like one of those cute little cartoon kids? It’s now possible!

8. Seed stitch knit hat pattern Not all knit hats are knit with the easiest, most basic stitches. Here’s one that will stand out from the crowd thanks to the seed stitch.

9. Snowy Day hat This hat could not look warmer or more snuggly–it’ll FEEL warm, too, thanks to two strands of yarn knit together throughout the entire hat.

10. Audrey hat for beginners The pattern for this hat was designed with beginners in mind and has helpful written tips just for newbie knitters.

11. Effortless beanie Here’s another free hat pattern just for knitters. The pattern, itself, is free, but if you need even more hand-holding, you can actually buy a kit with all the supplies needed to make this hat right from the pattern page.

12. Baby earphones hat This free hat is sized for 12 months, with other sizes for sale.

13. Braided hat Even those of us with buzzcuts can have long braids for winter!

14. Matching hearts hat The heart earflaps are too cute, and you can even knit them separately to embellish an entire line of matching winter gear.

15. Child’s earflap hat Earflap hats are the warmest, and the little ties mean that you can actually keep this hat ON a kid’s head.

16. Child’s crown I don’t know how warm this will actually keep a child, but it is ADORABLE.

17. Knight’s helmet This WILL keep a head–and face!–quite warm.

18. Creepy critters chullo I LOVE the critters knitted into this super-warm hat!

19. Owl knit hat pattern Like the idea of animals on your head, but you’re NOT into the idea of creepy animals? I think this owl knit hat is going to be just the thing for you.

20. Cupcake hat Your little cupcake needs a cupcake hat!

21. Ombre pom-pom beanie With just three colors of yarn, this beanie hat pattern has the cleverest way to make an ombre effect.

22. Sock monkey hat You need a hat that looks like a sock monkey, and that’s all that I’m going to say about it.

23. Simple texture slouch hat Yarn companies can be a great resource for free knitting patterns, such as this version of a knitted slouch hat.

24. Mummy hat Here’s another yarn company offering–this one a hat that will keep your face and head warm, and make you look quite a lot like a mummy.

25. Chunky knit hat And another yarn company, wanting to show you how to make a chunky knit hat that’s very snuggly and knits up quickly.

26. Daffodil hat This little hat would be so cute on a kid in early spring!

27. Transformers toque This hat is more than meets the eye. It is not, however, a robot in disguise.

28. Four-row repeat hat Here’s an easy technique for making a hat that looks more complicated than it is!

29. Brain hat Why yes, this IS a free pattern to knit a hat that looks like a brain. You guys, I want this hat sooo badly!

30. Snowfall hat If you want something Christmasy but a little more elegant, check out this snowfall hat.

31. Rudolph hat Knit hats are the clothing of Christmas–get a little more festive with a Rudolph hat!

32. Santa hat If someone is going to be Rudolph, then someone else has to be Santa Claus!

33. Belle wig Maybe you can only get your loved one to wear a hat outside in the cold if that hat happens to look exactly like Belle’s wig from the Beauty and the Beast animated film. That’s cool because this knit hat does that!

34. Knitted wig This wig isn’t nearly as elaborate as the Belle wig, above, but it’s still a fun way to keep your heard warm with a faux hair look.

35. Elvis wig Or, you know, you could just knit yourself an Elvis wig.

36. Spock ears hat Or maybe you can only get them to wear a hat if the hat looks like Spock’s ears. Whatever works!

Do you have any favorite free knit hat patterns? Share them with me in the Comments below!

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