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dpb_bag.jpgI couldn’t believe my eyes! Did I just see this recycled Capri Sun bag at Target? In amongst the pretty floral and pleather handbags, there they were, in all their green-crafted glory…recycled Capri Sun tote bags – at Target! Wow, green craft is really going mainstream. I had a vision of a young indie crafter, sitting on a mountain of money, drunk on Capri Sun, tied to her sewing machine cranking these bad-boys out. After some research though, I learned the real story and how we can help. TerraCycle, Capri Sun and Honest Kids have teamed up to help prevent the billions of juice packs that Americans drink each year from ending up in a land fill.

This is how it works:

When you sign up to join the Drink Pouch Brigade, TerraCycle will mail out 4 prepaid collection bags to your address. Once a collection bag is filled at least 100 drink pouches simply drop it off at a UPS drop off location and Honest Tea will donate $.02 per Capri Sun, Kool Aid and Honest Kids drink pouches and $.01 per other drink pouch you collect to the charity of your choice.

If you are feeling a little left out of the crafting process. All you need to do it save 27 of the packs to make your own using these Wiki instructions, then mail the rest in!

(Photo courtesy of TerraCycle.)

Written by Juliet Ames

Juliet Ames breaks plates for a living. A metals and craft major at Towson University, Ames went on to work for the Howard County Arts Council organizing gallery exhibits. Meanwhile, she kept up her own craftwork. The plate-breaking started with a mosaic mailbox. “There were leftover pieces, so I soldered them and wrapped them around my neck and got a lot of compliments,” says Ames, 28, who just had her first child, a boy.


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  1. Juliet, I think I would have been just as surprised as you were! Honestly, I wish people would stop using the dang things, but I don’t mind at all if major corporations start making their products out of items destined for the landfill instead of new materials.

  2. Target today! Hmm, where do you suppose they got the idea, the crafting community perhaps? What do you call it when something

  3. I personally think that this is a wonderful cause. I have found a wonderful new use for Capri-Sun bags that will protect our planet and ensure our country’s safety,
    The Capri-Sun WindBag. All we have to do is take all the hot air spouted from our legislative and executive branch and funnel it into these bags. Then we can take them to windmill farms and and release the air to create wind and as a byproduct hydroelectricity. Or we can use them to make hot air balloons for greener travel options. If Hitler had used these he would have had the greenest third reich the world has ever seen. If this doesn’t work I suspect we could generate electricity off of our founding Fathers who are spinning in their graves at supersonic speeds.

    Seriously, I know you people mean well, but mankind can’t control the temperature of the earth or anything else. It is a beautiful Divinely created cycle. Thank you,

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