I Wish I Had This Book for Christmas

Browsing through my local library’s green section I recently came across A Greener Christmas. Wow! I really wish I would have had this book at Christmas. What a great book filled with crafts and recipes to bring back the old fashioned feeling of a true Christmas, not a glitzy glammy one.

I have discovered several ideas in the book that can easily be transformed to fit Valentine’s Day so I don’t have to wait almost a whole year to put any of these nifty ideas into use.
A Greener ChristmasΒ has several crafts and recipes that can be used as Valentine’d Day gifts and decorations like the glass jar candleholders, gift labels and cards (just switch out stars for hearts), the gift wrap ideas are good for anytime just find suitable colors and prints for Valentine’s Day, the felt slippers are a cute gift to make, so is the cotton bag made from fabric scraps, and the home made lip balms, bath oils and herb sachets are easy and scentually pleasing gifts.

The fabric book and vintage fabric covered memory box are also very nice hand made gifts that could easily be altered into very romantic Valentine gifts.

There’s also a whole host of sweet recipes that I wouldn’t mind indulging on for V-Day like: shortbread cookies and sachertorte (a Viennese dark chocolate cake, yum), marshmallow sweets and a chocolate log.

With a little bit of creative thinking you can take an green idea and make it work for you during any holiday season or just because. I know I’ll be putting some of these ideas to good use before I take this book back to the library but it’s also going on my wish list because this is a book to have on hand, especially for the holidays. I didn’t have it last year for Christmas but I plan to before the next Santa season rolls around.

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