I Sewed Us All Sun Hats

Sun Hats from CreativeBug

Sun Hats from CreativeBug

I had a free trial of CreativeBug recently, and I used it to follow this reversible sun hat tutorial.

I am now obsessed with sun hats.

Sun hats are one of those things that you can never find just as you want in stores, and even if you can find one that’s barely acceptable, it’s ridiculously expensive.

And yet… sewing all those curves! Sewing all that interfacing! My curve sewing is not on point the way that it should be, and interfacing gets on my nerves. That’s why it took me years longer than it could have to sew my first sun hat…

… and as soon as I was done, I sewed two more!

I am still on the lookout for the “perfect” sun hat pattern or construction method, however, and here’s why:

The pros: The CreativeBug tutorial was a total walk-through, dead easy to follow and with loads of great tips and details. The hats that I sewed with it in front of me came out almost perfectly (darn those curves!).

The cons: I pulled that CreativeBug pattern out again, after not having looked at it for a few months, and discovered that without the tutorial in front of me (which I’d need to pay to review, since my free trial has long expired), the pattern is not very useful. There are no seam allowances marked on it, no mention of the weight of the interfacing that I need, no way to figure out what size I’m supposed to sew. Fair enough, since a site that charges a monthly membership obviously needs some way to retain that membership, but… yeah. Now I need to figure out another sun hat pattern.

On Wednesday, I’ll be showing you the results of my extensive sun hat research, and sharing with you a ton of great tutorials of all types and in all sizes. I’ll also show you the one that I settled on to make my newest batch of favorite sun hats: it’s not a pattern, but a tutorial for drafting your own pattern. You can’t lose all the information that makes a pattern work if you make that pattern yourself!

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Written by Julie Finn

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