How To: Update a Vintage Cookie Jar

How To: Update a Vintage Cookie Jar

While garage saling last week, I came across this unique vintage cookie jar for $4! I wanted to sell it in my craft booth, but the paint was faded and cracked. I think it goes without saying that the owl has pretty creepy appearance as well. Here’s how you can fix up that vintage piece next time instead of passing it up.

What You Will Need:

1. An old cookie jar

2.Β Low VOC spray paint

How To Do It:

1. Before even thinking about painting, research your cookie jar. You wouldn’t want to paint a valuable, one-of-a-kind cookie jar that’s worth a lot of money, right?

2. Clean your cookie jar with soap and water. Then, completely dry the jar with a cloth.

3. Spray paint your jar the color of your choice. Remember, multiple light coats will give you the best results. One heavy coat could give you drips.

How To: Update a Vintage Cookie Jar

4. Flip your cookie jar over and spray paint another coat. If your cookie jar is anything like mine, it has details that you can only completely cover by turning it upside down.

How To: Update a Vintage Cookie Jar

Now your kitchen counter (or in my case, a customer’s kitchen counter) will have a vintage cookie jar that is sure to make everyone smile! You could even use this cutie to hold some of your craft supplies. If you’re specifically searching for vintage pieces, here’s some tips for finding vintage items at garage sales, too!

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  1. Bonnie. Can’t believe it. I found this old owl cookie jar and thought, I gotta have that and spray paint it white! So I did. Then I got online to see do my post and decided while I was at it to do a little searching on google to see if I could find out how much this dude might be worth. Low and behold, I found the exact same owl and it took me here!!! Great minds think alike – ha! I linked to yours just so you didn’t come upon mine someday and think I was a big fat copycat! πŸ™‚ Did it sell??

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