How-to: Upcycled Tile Mosaic Coaster

DIY upcycled mosaic tile (5 of 5)Need the perfect set of coasters? These coasters, crafted from upcycled tiles, broken glass, and grout, will keep your tables covered. They’re the perfect outdoor project for a summer day, a great project to share with a kid or two, and a useful way to use up extra wall tiles, or even to redo old store-bought coasters. Here’s how to make your own set of mosaic tile coasters:

1. Start with an old tile.Β You might have some stash tiles leftover from a kitchen or bathroom remodel–ours are leftover from a craft project in which we painted white tiles with ceramics markers. If you don’t have any stash tiles of your own, Freecycle and the ReStore are both good bets for scoring someone else’s stash tiles.

Wash the tile, then dry it well.

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