How-to: Take in a Tank Top

tank stitched
Now you’re ready to sew! Put your tank into your sewing machine at the top of the line you just drew, backstitch a few times to make things sturdy, then sew all the way down that line, back stitching at the end. If I were doing this just for me, I’d have used a thread color that matches the tank more closely, but I went with this lovely green so that you could see the stitching.

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6 thoughts on “How-to: Take in a Tank Top”

  1. Newbie to fiber arts here, so please bear with the silly question. Would this technique work for a hand-knitted garment, as well? I recently knitted a camisole that ended up too wide in the waist. If it helps, I used an acrylic/viscose blend yarn. Thanks in advance for any help!

    1. Sadly, mostly likely not… you may be able to add a seam depending on the tightness of your knit! Acrylic is really difficult to work with as it does not give much! Sorry sweetie! you could always try to wear a longer shirt underneath the camisole just to elongate and sort of camoflauge the width…

  2. This is AWESOME. The pictures help immensely. With a recent 25-lb weight loss, I’m finding most tops not fitting anymore, looking kind of slobbish actually. With this, I can alter my faves.

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