How-to: Take in a Tank Top

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I wish I could remember where I read this, it was on a sewing forum years ago and someone was complaining about pinning. The commenter said, “I don’t care how cool you think you are. You have to PIN!” The commenter was right, especially when we’re talking clothes.

You can do this step either on a mannequin or on your body. Look at your tank top and imagine how you’d like it to fit. Then, pinch the fabric together and pin it in place, like in the photo above. The pins are going to denote the line you’re about to mark and sew. If you did pin on a mannequin, you’ll want to try the top on at this point (very carefully! Those pins will stab you!) to make sure it fits the way you want. You may need to adjust some pins to get just the right fit. Take your time with this step, since the way you pin is going to guide the rest of the project.

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  1. Newbie to fiber arts here, so please bear with the silly question. Would this technique work for a hand-knitted garment, as well? I recently knitted a camisole that ended up too wide in the waist. If it helps, I used an acrylic/viscose blend yarn. Thanks in advance for any help!

    1. Sadly, mostly likely not… you may be able to add a seam depending on the tightness of your knit! Acrylic is really difficult to work with as it does not give much! Sorry sweetie! you could always try to wear a longer shirt underneath the camisole just to elongate and sort of camoflauge the width…

  2. This is AWESOME. The pictures help immensely. With a recent 25-lb weight loss, I’m finding most tops not fitting anymore, looking kind of slobbish actually. With this, I can alter my faves.

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