How-to: Sew a Simple Drawstring Bag with Stashbusting Materials

Open up a side seam to accomodate the drawstring.To make an opening for your drawstring, choose one of the side seams that run across your casing and open it up by just a couple of stitches.

The fact that this open seam is supported by the stitching that forms the casing on either side will keep the seam from opening very far, but if you’re nervous you can always tack it down with a couple of hand-sewn stitches on either side.

This spot where you’ve opened the seam is where your drawstring will live. You can put it either inside the bag or outside, it doesn’t make any difference. You can also put an opening on each side of the bag and have two drawstrings, which will keep the bag closed more snugly.

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