How To: “Scrapbook” Coffee Table

How To: "Scrapbook" Coffee Table

I love giving furniture multiple purposes while giving it a unique look. This week, I transformed a coffee table into a display for some of my souvenirs and memories from Thailand. Instead of tucking your memories into a scrapbook, turn your coffee table into a “scrapbook” that is viewed daily!

What You Will Need:

1. A coffee table with glass (if your coffee table doesn’t have have a piece of glass on top, you can get one cut to size at most hardware stores).

2. Your “scrapbook” items– pictures, tickets, postcards, etc.

How To Do It:

1. Remove the glass from your table.

2. Arrange your scrapbook items on the surface of the table. I displayed Thai money, postcards, flyers and business cards from the places I visited, and my plane tickets. You could also place pictures on the table as well!

How To: "Scrapbook" Coffee Table

3. Carefully place your glass back on the table.

How To: "Scrapbook" Coffee Table

Now you have a gorgeous coffee table that is functional and a conversation starter! What would you put on your scrapbook coffee table?

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