How-to: Repair an Umbrella

pierce a hole in the umbrella using sharp scissorsTo make this repair, you will need very sturdy thread and an eyelet punch. An eyelet punch is necessary to let you stitch through the umbrella in a single layer at a point that’s going to get a lot of stress, without the risk of ripping. If you don’t own one, it’s worth networking to see if you know someone who knows someone who will let you borrow one–you’re only going to need it for about five seconds! If you’ve never used an eyelet punch or snap setter before, check out the eyelet punch tutorial that I wrote after my partner ripped the zipper out of my daughter’s fashion show dress and I replaced it with grommets so that it would lace up instead, swearing under my breath at him the entire time.

The first step using the punch involves poking a hole in the fabric using the tool. Your umbrella nylon will stretch, not poke, so instead make the tiny hole, about 1/8″ from the edge of the umbrella, with the sharp tip of your thread scissors. Follow the rest of the instructions of the eyelet punch, and behold! A perfect eyelet!

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