How-to: Reclaimed Dog Toy That’s Semi-Indestructible

How to Make a Dog Toy

How to Make a Dog Toy


  • our Dog Toy Template (pdf)
  • reclaimed, sturdy fabric that has a little bit of give to it – corduroy, fleece, or denim all work well
  • sewing machine, thread, scissors, iron
  • reclaimed stuffing from old toys your dog has destroyed


1. Print and cut out our Dog Toy Template.

2. Pin the template to your fabric, and cut out two pieces of fabric in the bone shape.

3. Place your fabric right sides together, and sew almost all the way around – leaving about a 1″ gap.


4. Turn the toy right side out, and stuff. Important: normally when you’re stuffing a toy, you want it pretty firm, but you’re trying to understuff here. You need plenty of room around the edges for your top stitching, and once you stitch, the stuffing will firm up as it’s pressed to the center of the toy.

dog toy pinned

5. Pin your opening closed, and use your zigzag or your favorite embroidery stitch to sew all the way around the outside of the toy. As you work your way around, use your fingers to ease the stuffing away from the edges of the toy. This will make it easier to run through the machine and make sure that the finished toy is on the firmer side.

That’s it! Now make that dog do a few tricks before you reward her with the toy you lovingly sewed for her!

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  2. Would love to make this for my granddogs but I have not “stuffing’ from previous toys.. what wshould i use?? thanks so much!

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