How-to: Organic Flannel Graphic Pillowcase with an Envelope Back

handmade pillowcase tutorial

DIY organic flannel graphic pillowcase tutorial (5 of 6) Let’s say you need a pillowcase. You need it to be organic, because a loved one is going to be mushing her face into it for eight hours every night.

You need it to be soft, because you want your loved one to be comfy so that she gets that whole eight hours.

Oh, and you need it to be awesome, because your loved one is pretty stinkin’ awesome.

Using the organic natural flannel given to me by Organic Cotton Plus, I sewed a custom-sized pillowcase with an envelope back for my stinkin’ awesome kid. This type of pillowcase works with a pillow of any size, and I’m going to walk you through how to make it.

Once I finished sewing the pillow, my family came together to create the graphic for it. Painting a custom graphic onto blank fabric is pretty easy, and the kids can help! Here’s how to do the whole project, step by step:

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