How-to: Make an Origami Puffy Heart Mobile

origami puffy hearts

Origami Puffy Heart Mobile


  • reclaimed paper – I used vintage stationery, but anything big enough will work
  • reclaimed corrugated cardboard
  • paint and brush (optional)
  • something round that’s the size you want your mobile to be
  • ruler
  • pen or pencil
  • scissors
  • embroidery thread and needle


1. Cut your paper into five 1″ X 6″ strips. Hint: you can measure and cut one strip, then use that as a template for the other four to make this easier!

2. Cut a circle out of your cardboard. Mine is about 4″ in diameter, but you can do any size you like. If you’re going to paint your cardboard, now is a good time. You can let it dry while you fold and string all of those hearts!

cut paper strips

3. Fold your hearts. I followed this tutorial from e-how, but instead of trimming at the end, I just folded my heart tops over.

4. Cut 5 pieces of embroidery thread to whatever lengths you’d like for your mobile.

heart string

5. Tie a knot in one end of your embroidery thread, and thread the other end through your needle. Feed the needle through the bottom pointy part of the heart – there is a teeny hole there perfect for working the needle through – and up and out through the creased center of your heart. Sending the needle through might mess up your heart shape a little, so reshape it once it’s on the thread. Repeat this for each heart.

6. If you want to hide the tail of your thread, trim it short, then gently pull the thread until the knot pops into the heart. Don’t pull too hard – you don’t want it coming out the other side!

7. Is your cardboard dry? It’s time to string your mobile! To thread these, imagine two diameter lines forming an X across your circle. You want to thread one heart on each of those lines 1/4″ from the edge of the circle and the fifth heart through the center.

8. Pick up the cardboard and arrange your hearts to whatever heights you want, then knot all of the threads together at the top of your mobile

9. Hang from a ceiling hook, and you’re ready to rock!

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