How-to: Make a Dream Catcher from Old Guitar Strings

vegan feather
Of course, you can use a real feather if you prefer, but since I’m a vegan crafter, that means no animal products for me! Luckily, it’s easy as pie to make a pretty feather from recycled felt. Just cut out a leaf shape, then snip the edges to create fringe. Voila! A cruelty-free feather that’s ready to hang.

To hang your vegan feather, grab your embroidery thread and needle. Use the needle to feed the thread through the skinny end, then tie a knot. You can attach your feather to the dream catcher by tying the twine through that loop.

tie feather on

Now, you’ve got a basic dream catcher, and from here you can really have fun with embellishments! I decided to add a vintage button to the top of my dream catcher and make another, smaller feather to hang off-center. You could really do whatever you like, though! String buttons or beads, tie on bits of scrap fabric, or use whatever other ephemera you have hanging around your studio to make your dream catcher extra special.

Have you guys done any other guitar string crafts? Let’s share ideas in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “How-to: Make a Dream Catcher from Old Guitar Strings”

  1. Janet Martin55

    I think even a vegan might be able to use a feather found on the ground.Β  I don’t think it was cruel for the bird to molt, and it certainly isn’t going to use it again.Β  You want to wipe it well w/ alcohol or something to make sure you don’t bring any mites or other ‘nasties’ into the house.

  2. Marilyn C. Cole

    Another beautiful craft from used guitar strings:Β

    I have one from some of Bo’s old strings, and it’s just as awesome as they look in the pictures!

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