How-to: Make a Dream Catcher from Old Guitar Strings

first loop
Your mantra for this next part is “over and through.” You’re going to weave the twine around your frame using a stitch like the one pictured above. When you get all the way around the circle, you’ll do your next loop onto the first stitch from the round you did before. This tutorial illustrates the whole thing nicely, if you need a bit more detail.

Basically, you keep weaving over and through, working your way around until you’ve filled up the center of your frame with your weaving. When you’re done, you should be left with some hanging string, like this:

ready for feather

Don’t cut that off! You’ll use it to hang your feather.

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3 thoughts on “How-to: Make a Dream Catcher from Old Guitar Strings”

  1. Janet Martin55

    I think even a vegan might be able to use a feather found on the ground.Β  I don’t think it was cruel for the bird to molt, and it certainly isn’t going to use it again.Β  You want to wipe it well w/ alcohol or something to make sure you don’t bring any mites or other ‘nasties’ into the house.

  2. Marilyn C. Cole

    Another beautiful craft from used guitar strings:Β

    I have one from some of Bo’s old strings, and it’s just as awesome as they look in the pictures!

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