How-to: Kid-Made Recycled Cardboard Pendants

  1. Using your template, trace and cut out a few circles. Neither my six-year-old nor my eight-year-old had the hand strength to cut through the thick cardboard record album covers, so I did this step. I fussy cut interesting images from the front of the cardboard covers, knowing that the back sides would be blank canvasses for my girls’ art.
  2. cardboard pendant colored with gel pens
    upcycled cardboard pendant colored in using gel pens

    Punch a hole in the top of the pendant, then let the kids loose to decorate them. One of my daughters drew her own picture on the blank side of the pendants, while my other daughter really enjoyed coloring over the images on the front of each pendant with the vivid colors of her gel pens.

  3. Thread the pendant onto a piece of twine or embroidery floss long enough for the kid to pull the necklace on and off over her head.
These cardboard pendants make a fun gift for kids to make for their kid friends, since never have my girls been able to stop after making just one!