How-to: House of Cards and Other 3D Structures Built with Upcycled Playing Cards

square house of cardsAlmost as popular as the triangular house of cards is the square house. You can offset each additional story to show off your amazing balancing skills, or put a flat roof on each before building on top of it.

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4 thoughts on “How-to: House of Cards and Other 3D Structures Built with Upcycled Playing Cards”

  1. WhatΒ a good idea!Β Β  My DD8 loves her Ponyville ponies – I already repurposed an old shadowbox shelf of the 90’s to display her Ponyvilles (back when they would all fit on it)… I should try this -the kids would have a blast making homes for their Squinkies, Ponyvilles and Pet in My Pockets πŸ™‚Β Β Β Β  I suppose you could decorate them with some leftover spray paint before assembling, too.

  2. I loved this idea, I found some old uno cards are we made a city. I am studying post grad and I used this as a assignment for a maths and science unit im doing .Thanks for the inspiration. My son made 4 or 5 towers , pathways, little house and then he added his lego people to it and 2 hrs later we are still playing with it. We didnt use a glue gun we used sticky tape and it worked fine . thanks I wish you could see the photos!! Kylie in Australia

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