How to Hone a Knife to Make it Last

How to Hone a Knife

Honing is an important part of keeping your knives super sharp. Here’s how to hone a knife and the difference between honing and sharpening.

Is your favorite knife not cutting like it should? Maybe you used it to slice up some corks to make a wine cork pirate ship, and since then it’s been a little bit….wonky? Chances are you need to hone that sucker! Until recently, I had no idea how to hone a knife or that sharpening was different from honing. Here is the difference:

  • Sharpening is when you shave down the blade to make it…well…sharper.
  • Honing is when you use a tool to straighten the blade, so it cuts better.

You really only need to sharpen your knives once or twice a year, but it turns out that we should all hone our blades a lot more frequently. Over at Eat Drink Better I wrote a piece on how to hone a knife, including a video that gets a little bit more into honing vs. sharpening and how to do each. You can read the whole thing – and see the video – below!

{Image Credit: Knife photo via Shutterstock}

Knife Skills: Sharpening vs. Honing (via

There’s more to knife skills than choosing the right blade for the job. Maintaining your knife properly keeps it slicing and dicing like new. Just like scissors, knives get dull and misaligned with regular use. Honing and sharpening are the two methods…

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