How-to: Homemade Solid Body Lotion for Natural Skin Care

Solid Body Lotion

solid body lotion

News flash: I get dry skin in the winter.

Big shocker, right? Or not. Anyway, store-bought lotions, even the fancy kinds, creep me out–there’s always some sketchy chemical listed on the label. And yet my poor skin…so dry…

The solution? Solid lotion bars! Solid lotion contains all the ingredients that are really good for you, like coconut oil and shea butter, but none of the artificial ingredients that make it squeezable through a plastic bottle. A solid lotion bar just sits on your dresser looking pretty until you need it, and then melts with your body heat into your skin right where you want it.

Store-bought solid lotion bars can be REALLY expensive, but DIY solid lotion is an easy homemade project–all you have to do is melt, stir, and pour!

Solid Lotion Recipes:

You’ll notice that for all their differences, the recipes use beeswax to solidify these soft oils and butters so that they stay hard at room temperature, but melt into your warm skin. Beeswax is cheaper overall when bought in bulk, and handier to use for a specific project when melted and set to harden in portioned muffin tins or silicon molds–with the extra beeswax, make wood polish, or modeling wax, or candles!

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