How To: DIY Guitar Picks

Both of my roommates play guitar, and they go through quite a lot of guitar picks. Instead of buying new picks all of the time, I decided to make them their own “custom” guitar picks using old credit cards!

What You Will Need:

1. Old credit cards or other plastic cards (insurance cards, membership cards, etc). Just remember to be careful with the personal information on your cards.

2. Pen/marker

3. Scissors

How To Do It:

1. Trace an old guitar pick several times on your credit card. You should be able to fit 4-5 picks on each card. I smudged mine a little bit, but they should look like this:

2. Then, cut them out.

3. If your edges are rough, you can sand the edges lightly.

Isn’t this such a simple project? My roommates are going to love them because they are fun colors and they won’t feel so bad if they lose them! Do you have a musician in your life that could you make these for?

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9 thoughts on “How To: DIY Guitar Picks”

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  2. Great idea! It is hard to find good guitar picks that are cheap. This helps me out a lot. They are so easy to make and no more just cutting up and throwing away old cards.

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