How-to: Dehydrated Orange Garland

poke a shoelace's aglet through the orangeThere are a lot of crafty uses for dried orange slices–you could make a wreath similar to my dried apple wreath, or add them to an outdoor ice lantern–but I find that a simple winter garland, hung in front of a window (the one that faces my neighbor’s bathroom window, ideally), shows off the lovely translucency of the fruit while distracting me from the fact that my neighbor REALLY needs a thicker curtain.

A shoelace is ideal to string this garland because the shoelace’s aglets make perfect needles. To use ribbon or twine, however, wrap one end in duct tape to make your own DIY aglet.

Thread the orange slices onto the shoelace by poking the aglet through the orange onone side, and back through the orange on the other, threading each orange onto the shoelace in that way.

Your garland can hang in any sheltered location, from the covered front porch to the window facing the neighbor’s bathroom–I hope your neighbor’s curtains are thicker than mine!

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