Five Must-Try Acorn Crafts for the Autumn

felted wool acornsThey’re beautiful, they’re natural, and they’re free!

Acorns are terrifically fun to find when you’re out hiking, and they also make terrific craft supplies, amenable to a variety of methods, a component of a nearly infinite number of projects.

Crafting with acorns is also special because you’ll always know that you collected them yourself–who would pay money for acorns!?!–and I bet that if you’re anything like me, whenever you look at the projects that you created with them, you’ll think back to your happiest autumn memories from that year.

Check out these five projects to get you started:

needle-felted acornsMy girls and I have been working all month on wet-felted acorns (more on that later!), but these needle-felted acorns, posted by Becky Striepe on CAGW almost two years ago, are still popular, and for good reason: they keep that warm felt vibe while looking pretty realistically like acorns, and they’re an accessible entry into needle-felting.

[Creative Commons image by greentea, used with attribution]

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