How-to: Craft DIY Wax Seals Using Crayons and Stamps

stamp into the crayon waxGive the wax several seconds to firm up–you’ll want to use your stamp not when the wax is liquid, but when it’s firm enough to hold its shape when stamped, and yet soft enough to be malleable under the stamp’s edges.

For my own work, I found that I got the best results when I used stamps meant for sculptural elements–clay stamps, stamps that can be hammered into metal, and my vintage sealing wax stamps (of course). Rubber stamps did leave an impression, however, and although they didn’t work well for me on plain matte book paper, I’m wondering if a different surface, or a different type of stamp, or even a different type of crayon, couldn’t give some really detailed, sophisticated looks.

If you experiment, please share your results!

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4 thoughts on “How-to: Craft DIY Wax Seals Using Crayons and Stamps”

  1. This is so much fun! I have used colored candles and all different items. We have some plastic butterfly rings that make a great stamp, and with the candle wax, I have been able to use the regular rubber stamps. Here are a few
    Might have to go try it out with crayons now!

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  4. You can try adding in cut strips of Fabric Glue Sticks to thicken the wax you’ll have to heat and mix the two after that you pour the mix in a foil and let harded then put it in the freezer till hard

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