How To: Inspiration Board for the New Year!

Medallion inspiration board

I found an amazing ceiling medallion for 50 cents at the thrift store at the beginning of the week and I knew I could turn it into something cool. Then, my uncle gave me some extra cork board he had from a project of his own and my grandma gave me tons of beads. I wanted to make an inspiration board of some sort for this week’s project, so I put all of the items together! The purpose of the inspiration board is to write down goals you have for your day/week as a way to encourage you to complete them! As you could tell from yesterday’s post, 5 Eco-Friendly Organizing Projects, I have New Years on my mind already! I realize that not everyone has a ceiling medallion lying around their home, but I hope this encourages you to look for items in your local thrift store that can be upcycled into something totally awesome. Ceiling medallions should also be available at your local hardware store but that kind of takes the thrill out of hunting for one! Regardless, you can adapt this idea and make it your own!

What You Will Need:

1. A ceiling medallion. This is what mine looked like:

Medallion inspiration board

2. Cork board.

3. Hot glue/hot glue gun.

4. Markers of some sort– I used calligraphy pens. You could also use Sharpies– just make sure you use a marker that won’t rub off.

5. Beads/buttons.

6. Piece of paper.

7. Pencil.

8. Scissors.

How To Do It:

1. Wipe down your medallion to get that thrift store gunk off of it!

Medallion inspiration board

2. Come up with inspirational words to put around your medallion. We had to come up with 48 inspirational words and it was really hard to think of them all! Here are our words to help you out and save you the trouble: learn, give, faith, believe, courage, strength, persevere, confident, hope, sacrifice, inspire, dream, create, renew, energize, power, imagine, challenge, motivate, transform, encourage, positive, discover, initiate, determined, endure, pursue, achieve, diligence, commit, dedication, devotion, try, reach, surrender, aspire, optimism, enthusiasm, trust, gratitude, fearless, strive, ambition, passion, restore, live, intention, plan. My mom was my incredible helper and wrote all of the words for me (plus her handwriting is better). We used different colors and she wrote in different “fonts” to make each word special.

Medallion inspiration board

3. Take a piece of paper and trace around the circle in the middle of your medallion. Cut your circle out. Then, place it on your cork board and cut around the circle.

Medallion inspiration board

4. Place your cork board circle in the middle of your medallion. If it fits correctly, hot glue it into place.

5. To cover up the rough edges of my cork board (because I am awful at cutting), and to add some sparkle, I hot glued the beads that were given to me around the edges.

Now your medallion inspiration board is ready for your first goal! I put an example in the middle so you can visualize what a goal would look like pinned inside.

Medallion inspiration board

Medallion inspiration board

Medallion inspiration board

Aren’t you inspired just looking at it!? There are so many items in thrift stores or in the trash that we can reuse and repurpose. What item can you find to transform into your own personal inspiration board? If you find your own, post a link to it in the comments below! I would love to see your creations!

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